Anabolic fast grow powder

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Hi Tommy,
Congratulations on your choice to transform your body.
Yes, I think dual workouts would do more harm than good. The only people getting away with this are steroid-users because steroids speed-up the recovery process. As a natural, your body needs more rest time.
I would leave the cardio if your goal right now is to put on some muscle. Pick one goal and go for it. If you want to gain muscle, you don’t need to be doing cardio.
If you’re trying to accomplish both goals (building muscle and losing fat) at the same time, you’ll either accomplish neither or (if you’ve great genetics) get there very slowly.
While it is possible for some people to build muscle and lose fat simultaneously with the diet I recommend; it’s preferable to pick goal and focus solely on that.
Hope that helps,

Anabolic fast grow powder

anabolic fast grow powder


anabolic fast grow powderanabolic fast grow powderanabolic fast grow powderanabolic fast grow powderanabolic fast grow powder