Anti progesterone steroids

In the 1990's an American medical doctor, John R. Lee, pioneered the use of natural progesterone in treating breast cancer, PMS and menstrual problems. Dr Lee emphasised the use of natural progesterone with its dynamic and holistic properties, and warned doctors to avoid synthetic progesterone look-alikes or analogs, because they were not as effective and have nasty side-effects. Unfortunately many doctors are not aware of this important distinction. Pharmaceutical companies promote only their more profitable patented look-alikes. The best-known look-alikes are various progestins and progestogens.

Background: Stopped ortho tri-cyclen lo in 7/2015. Average cycle has been 27 days since then. Had normal, albeit heavy, periods prior to taking birth control. 1st 3 months post pill were more normal. Since then, I have had spotting pre and post period most months (ranging from one to many days of spotting). I have also had issues with hair loss, dry/brittle hair, and anxiety/hot flashes/insomnia/heavy bloating prior to periods. Along with my regular vitamins, I have been supplementing with zinc and magnesium the whole time. I have also had my thyroid tested a few times (including T3 and T4 antibodies), iron, D3, celiac, and ANA – all normal.

Anti progesterone steroids

anti progesterone steroids


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