Dog on steroids

Does my dog have mange?  
My 12 year old female collie mix has a serious skin problem. She is bald on all 4 of her legs, her back, neck and face. One of her bottom eyelashes have … Home Remedy for My Puppy with Mange  
I have a 13 week old pup with mite mange. I have tried medicated shampoo that didn't work, Now I am trying the old wise tale of borax and 3% hydrogen … Chronic Demodex Mange  Not rated yet
Reader Question: Does Demodex Improve After Progestanin Administration? The dog began to show obvious symptoms of Demodex mange at approx 4 months … Puppy with Mange  Not rated yet
Our Puppy has mange and her eyes are swollen red and are swelling shut. What can we do to make the swelling go down and help her heal from the sores? … Click here to write your own.

Steroids killed nine-year-old Lexie McConnell after only five and a half weeks. In August 1993, Lexie was diagnosed as having toxoplasmosis. The consultant put her on 80 mg per day of prednisolone. Immediately, she suffered severe side effects, huge weight gain , terrible pains, holes in her tongue and black stools. After nearly a month, at her parents' pleading, the doctors quickly lowered the dosage to 60 mg, 40 mg, 20 mg. In excruciating pain, Lexie was taken to a hospital, where it was discovered she'd contracted chickenpox. Four days later, she died. A few years later, another eye specialist declared that a simple course of antibiotics could have cleared up her infection. The above excerpt is from Ursula Kelly's site

Dog on steroids

dog on steroids


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