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We are a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of novel therapeutics to treat non-viral, progressive liver diseases with high unmet medical need utilizing our proprietary bile acid chemistry. Our marketed product and clinical product candidates have the potential to treat orphan and more prevalent liver diseases for which, currently, there are limited therapeutic solutions. Our lead product candidate, obeticholic acid, or OCA, is a bile acid analog, a chemical substance that has a structure based on a naturally occurring human bile acid, that selectively binds to and activates the farnesoid X receptor, or FXR. We believe OCA has broad liver-protective properties and may effectively counter a variety of chronic insults to the liver that cause fibrosis, or scarring, which can eventually lead to cirrhosis, liver transplant and death.  ... More ...  

A critical parameter affecting the performance of proton exchange membranes is the water content. Water is typically supplied to the fuel cell by humidifying the gas feed stream. The level of hydration within the proton exchange membrane is vital to its performance: if the hydration level is too low, the polymers exhibit greatly reduced ionic conductivity ; [25] if hydration level is too high, excess water can flood the pores in the gas diffusion layer and impede mass transport within the electrode structure. [26] [27] For these reasons, DVS has been used to study the water sorption and transport properties of proton exchange membranes . [28]

Dynamic pharmaceuticals steroids

dynamic pharmaceuticals steroids


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