Godolphin horse steroids

Frank Angst is a staff writer for The Blood-Horse magazine. An American Horse Publications three-time winner in best news story category, Angst has covered horse racing for more than a decade. Angst spent ten years at Thoroughbred Times , where he earned awards as that magazine’s senior writer and helped launch Thoroughbred Times TODAY. Besides covering horse racing, Angst enjoys handicapping. Angst has written about sports for more than 20 years, including several seasons covering a nationally ranked Marshall Thundering Herd football team.

I finally sampled and bought it. This fragrance opens up with a blast of pepper and cinnamon. It smells good from a distance but don't judge it by the opening. If you smell it close it will cloy you. Let it sit on your skin for some time. After the spicy opening, you will get a good tobacco with balanced mix of vanilla. Vanilla is the top note in the fragrance but you can still feel tobacco and other ingredients in the dry down. I love the mix of tobacco and vanilla and this fragrance done it for perfection. There is also a woodiness and fruitiness to it which makes it even better. Woods and fruits are blended very well.

The performance is where this fragrance will lose some points. Price is high, not as high as other niche fragrances but it's still expensive. For the most part it sits close to the skin. This is both positive and negative but for the most part it's a negative mark for the fragrance. Longevity is average. I wasn't expecting a longevity of Tom Ford or other niche brands but it's enough for me. It will last around 7-8 hours but the real longevity where you can smell it easily is 5 hours. For a fragrance in this price range that is below expectations.

You can wear this fragrance do dates. It's a charming and inviting scent. Performance makes it perfect for dates. You wouldn't want to wear Interlude to date. Date fragrances should sit close to your skin and shan't be powerful for other people. You can also wear it for a night-out with your friends but not for clubbing. It's also not a work scent. Versatility isn't great but it's still pretty good.

So, if you loved Tobacco Vanille this can be considered as a cheaper alternative to it. You can find 125ml bottle for the same price as 50ml TV. It's not a cheaper alternative like Armaf but it's still cheaper. They don't smell the same but tobacco, vanilla, spices with a touch of woods and fruits. I love this combination. I wouldn't recommend a blind buy on this one. It is expensive and a specific fragrance. Not a crowd pleaser, so keep that in mind. If you love the combination I mentioned above you can blind buy it.

Bottle is also really cool and the cap is way to heavy. You can feel a quality in the bottle, but the boxing is on designer level. I don't care about the presentation but keep that in mind. It's becoming more and more popular so there can be fakes on the market.

Also, it's not similar to Zara. Don't buy Zara if you loved this. This is on another level.

Godolphin horse steroids

godolphin horse steroids


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