Hidroxiesteroide desidrogenase

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Mutations in the HSD3B2 gene cause 3β-HSD deficiency. The HSD3B2 gene provides instructions for making the 3β-HSD enzyme. This enzyme is found in the gonads and adrenal glands . The 3β-HSD enzyme is involved in the production of many hormones, including cortisol , aldosterone , androgens, and estrogen. Cortisol has numerous functions such as maintaining energy and blood sugar levels, protecting the body from stress, and suppressing inflammation. Aldosterone is sometimes called the salt-retaining hormone because it regulates the amount of salt retained by the kidney. The retention of salt affects fluid levels and blood pressure. Androgens and estrogen are essential for normal sexual development and reproduction.

Hidroxiesteroide desidrogenase

hidroxiesteroide desidrogenase


hidroxiesteroide desidrogenasehidroxiesteroide desidrogenasehidroxiesteroide desidrogenasehidroxiesteroide desidrogenasehidroxiesteroide desidrogenase