Is phil heath on steroids

Like juice, taking a dose isn’t gonna kill u and I think that’s where we draw a line sometimes by saying they can’t kill u as in a dose can’t harm u !
But over time what it can do is complicate parts of the body and the way your kidneys and heart will function, clogged arteries, high blood pressure ect
So i think there are direct links for sure over time !
But even if there were none !! It could be healthier on the heart to be 250-300 pounds of fat then muscle because of the amount of blood the heart has to pump into the muscle is very taxing on it !!

Weider had enjoyed some success as a bodybuilder but far less as a weightlifter, and vehemently disagreed with the AAU rules that Hoffman had helped draft. Requiring that a bodybuilder shoulder-press 200 pounds, for instance—something that Weider struggled and, at times, failed to do—made little sense in the context of what was essentially an aesthetic contest. Moreover, Weider argued that Hoffman was unfairly overlooking African American athletes with impressive physiques, citing Melvin Wells’s failure to claim the Mr. America crown on several prior occasions. During the late 1950s and early 1960s, Weider would attempt to remedy these oversights by using his publications to promote the careers of black bodybuilders such as Rick Wayne, Harold Poole, and Chris Dickerson. But for Weider, racial equality came second to aesthetics: He was willing to consider anyone as a possible champion, so long as they had the look he prized.

Is phil heath on steroids

is phil heath on steroids


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