Melanotan 2 results steroids

Many doctors are increasingly alarmed about the side effects of melanotan. Concern is especially focused on the multiplication of moles and freckles. Melanoma is the most aggressive type of skin cancer which spreads due to the mutation of melanocytes found in the darker areas of the skin such as moles and freckles. Hence, people with a higher number of moles are more susceptible of getting skin cancer. Now, it is known that the number of moles is determined by genetics and for that reason, the drug’s ability to increase moles and freckles raises some serious questions.

In Canada, Synacthen Depot's pricing increased by 2000% in 2015, causing some provincial single payer authorities to delist the drug from funded medications. The increase in the drug's price came after Mallinckrodt acquired Questcor and its drug portfolio, which included the worldwide rights to Synacthen Depot. Prior to the price increase, Mallinckrodt claims that the drug was manufactured at a loss. Some have claimed that the price increase is abusive. [38] The drug had been priced at $33 but rose to $680 per vial. As an off-patent pharmaceutical, a similar drug, differing in formulation, available in Europe, made by a different manufacturer, sells for $8 per vial. [39]

Melanotan 2 results steroids

melanotan 2 results steroids


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