Pro wrestlers on steroids

I honestly don’t think I have any regrets. I’ve spent as much time with my kids as is humanly possible while running my business and trying not to neglect either. I don’t know. I think in life, people always ask me about my legacy and how I want to be remembered and all this other stuff. I always say, “Listen, the only thing that matters if you’re a father and you have kids is when it’s all over and you’re lying there in that box, man, and your kids get up and your kids are like, ‘He was a great dad. He was a good dad. He was a great dad. He was this, that.’ ” If that wasn’t the case, that would be a massive regret.

No wrestling convention related article is complete without a mention of Virgil. If there’s a space, Virgil will put a booth. The former WWE star has been spotted anywhere from parking lots to metro stations to hotel lobbies, in an attempt to sell his fame by any means possible. He’s also gotten into some serious trouble in the past with various wrestling conventions, making claims that he would be appearing alongside The Million Dollar Man. What would really happen, is Virgil would make this up for a spot at the convention, once it came time for the show, Virgil would claim that DiBiase was a no-show. Once Ted found out, he was furious and rightfully so. Virgil hurt DiBiase’s brand name, and because of this factor Virgil is finding it hard to find a seat at these bigger conventions like WrestleCon. Not to mention the guy doesn’t care about his fans, and just wants your money.

Pro wrestlers on steroids

pro wrestlers on steroids


pro wrestlers on steroidspro wrestlers on steroidspro wrestlers on steroidspro wrestlers on steroidspro wrestlers on steroids