Steroid psychosis in children

Some Doctors use theophylline to treat asthma. My doctor prescribed it without telling me anything about it. I took the first pill and after 2 hours of no relief I took another. By 8:00 pm I took one more and went to bed. Shortly, I could not lay down and keep breathing. I slept sitting up in a rocking chair all night. The next day my doctor prescribed some inhalers, While waiting in the pharmacy I looked up theophylline. “SUDDEN FATAL CORONARY” is what the book cited as the first indication of overdose. Always read the literature before you try a new medicine.

Additionally, the guidelines recommend that all patients receiving chronic glucocorticoids with an illness or while undergoing any procedure continue their normal daily glucocorticoid therapy. The authors caution that in patients with rheumatic disease, discontinuation of even low glucocorticoid doses may lead to a significant disease flare. Patients who receive 5 mg or less of prednisone daily do not require additional supplementation—regardless of whether they are undergoing a procedure or have an intercurrent illness. Patients undergoing superficial surgical procedures while less than an hour under local anesthesia (., routine dental work, skin biopsy, minor orthopedic surgery) require their normal daily glucocorticoid dose without additional supplementation.

Steroid psychosis in children

steroid psychosis in children


steroid psychosis in childrensteroid psychosis in childrensteroid psychosis in childrensteroid psychosis in childrensteroid psychosis in children