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The area above the scarp is covered by sandy hills, which were created during the ice age, next to the Gdansk upland line and the bottom of valleys created by erosion which cut into the upland. The area reaches between 11 and 62 meters above the sea level. Part of Tri-City Park belongs to the municipality of Sopot , which is also called Gdansk Upland or Gdansk Heights and is divided by gorgeous erosional valleys. The area is covered by rich vegetation and a variety of trees. It covers about 9 square kilometers and elevates up to 152 meters above sea level. It holds 8 large valleys with gorgeous names which cannot be translated into English. From the Gdansk Upland many brooks make their way to the gulf, most of them having been buried under the ground as canals. They are responsible for the creation of 17 ponds. The names of the largest brooks are; Swelina, Kamienny Potok, Potok Grodowy, Potok Babidolski, Potok KuYniczy, Potok Wiejski, Potok Orodkowy, Potok Haffnera, Potok Karlikowski.

The pier also provides an ideal spot to watch sporting events taking place in the Bay, such as the World Sailing Championship, the Wind-surfing Baltic Cup or the Sopot Triathlon. Also, from October through March there is a skating rink set up at the pier entrance. The pier is managed under lease by the Sopot Beach Resort. Numerous life guards with state of the art equipment are always on standby in case of emergency. Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street , which is the street leading down to the pier, is the most famous pedestrian precinct in the country, is lined with numerous pubs and galleries. During the summer it becomes a venue for itinerant street theatres, musicians and artists who exhibit their work. There are also cinemas on this lively street.

Steroide kaufen erfahrungsberichte

steroide kaufen erfahrungsberichte


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