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The crystal structure of LSD bound in its active state to a serotonin receptor , specifically the 5-HT 2B receptor, has recently (2017) been elucidated for the first time. [75] [76] [77] The LSD-bound 5-HT 2B receptor is regarded as an excellent model system for the 5-HT 2A receptor and the structure of the LSD-bound 5-HT 2B receptor was used in the study as a template to determine the structural features necessary for the activity of LSD at the 5-HT 2A receptor. [75] [76] [77] The diethylamide moiety of LSD was found to be a key component for its activity, which is in accordance with the fact that the related lysergamide lysergic acid amide (LSA) is far less hallucinogenic in comparison. [77] LSD was found to stay bound to both the 5-HT 2A and 5-HT 2B receptors for an exceptionally long amount of time, which may be responsible for its long duration of action in spite of its relatively short terminal half-life. [75] [76] [77] The extracellular loop 2 leucine 209 residue of the 5-HT2B receptor forms a 'lid' over LSD that appears to trap it in the receptor, and this was implicated in the potency and functional selectivity of LSD and its very slow dissociation rate from the 5-HT 2 receptors. [75] [76] [77]

This application note describes the extraction of benzodiazepine compounds from whole blood, prior to GC/MS analysis. This protocol also allows the simultaneous extraction of various other drugs of abuse classes: amphetamines, barbiturates, cocaine and opiates. ISOLUTE® SLE+ columns with 1 mL sample capacity are used to extract whole blood samples following a straightforward sample dilution. No protein precipitation or other pre-treatment is required prior to sample loading. The sample preparation procedure delivers clean extracts, good recoveries and RSD values and LLOQs from 10 ng/mL (analyte dependant).
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Tmt 500 steroid results

tmt 500 steroid results


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