World's biggest man on steroids

In the comic, Logan returns from his trip across the country with his money in hand. Although he is back with weeks to spare for the deadline to have his money, he comes home to find that the Hulk Gang has already murdered his wife and children. Presumably they “got bored”. Although he is encouraged to turn the other cheek and not seek revenge by a concerned neighbor, this event causes Logan to renege his promise to never again resort to violence. He proclaims that he is in fact Wolverine and that his name is not Logan, and he sets about ruthlessly killing the entire Hulk Gang, save one baby Hulk named Bruce Banner Jr. After the wholesale slaughter, Wolverine loads up baby Bruce and aims to raise him to be a member of a new superhero team. He sees this act as a fitting irony, and some small measure of justice for his family having been taken from him.

He was 55, with a shaved head, new pale stubble just starting to show. He wore small black glasses that contrasted with his skin, which was blanched. He had on a Star Wars T-shirt, size XXXL. On his lower half he wore athletic shorts and a fanny pack that contained his cell phone charger, his glucose monitor, and a Ziploc bag of change. His cheekbones on the thin face stood in stark relief to the rest of him, all of him below the neck, which hung downward—the skin sagging from his arms and calves, the vestiges of his former life.

Indeed, with the exception of Slim and the occasional overseas billionaire, Gates and Buffett have been a duopoly at the top of the rich list. Their close friendship and partnering in philanthropy made them a potent symbol of the philanthropic side of wealth.

Bezos will be a different figurehead. Unlike Gates, he is still actively running and building a business. He is far more press-averse, rarely giving interviews or public addresses. He is hyper-competitive. And he is only moderately — some would say barely — philanthropic.

But like Gates and Buffett, Bezos is not given to many flashy displays of wealth. He has loads of real estate — he bought the most expensive home in Washington, ., and owns homes in Beverly Hills, California, and New York along with his spread in Medina, Washington — and is one of the nation's largest landowners, with over 300,000 acres.

World's biggest man on steroids

world's biggest man on steroids


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